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Video – Why Does My Heat Pump Smell Like It’s Burning?

January 30, 2024
Video - Why Does My Heat Pump Smell Like It's Burning? Animation of worried woman.

You turn on your heat pump, and you smell something burning. What should you do? Who should you call first, the fire department or your HVAC technician? First assess what the smell most likely is, and you may not need to call anyone. Of course, if you’re still nervous because you just don’t know, turn off your heat pump and give one of our highly trained technicians a call to come out to diagnose the smell for you.

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How to Determine Heat Pump Efficiency

January 8, 2024
How to Determine Heat Pump Efficiency. Couple sitting on the floor drinking out of mugs and eating breakfast.

If you are in the market for a new heat pump, efficiency is probably a key factor in your search. The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has a universal ranking system for heating and cooling units that serves to help. 

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4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Heat Pump

July 17, 2023
Image of technician working with heat pump. 4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Heat Pump.

So you are looking to invest in a heat pump. You are not alone––many Americans are making the switch.

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Can I Install a Heat Pump in My Wisconsin Home?

January 31, 2023
Midwest Heating & Cooling Heat Pump Installation in Wisconsin Home.

Heat pumps are a cost-effective option for heating and cooling your Wisconsin home. They use half as much electricity as an electric furnace or baseboard heating system, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). 

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What Is a Heat Pump?

August 31, 2022
What Is a Heat Pump?

What’s the best way to preserve resources? Working with what you already have. Heat pumps make your Mukwonago home more comfortable by using heat that already exists. It pushes heat from outdoors to indoors (to warm) or pulls heat from indoors to outdoors (to cool). 

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Commercial Heat Pumps

July 3, 2022
Commercial heat pump systems on the roof of a building with some green trees in the background

Heat pumps are not only for residential applications, as many may assume. They can be an energy-efficient and economical heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) alternative here in Mukwonago to the traditional HVAC systems the majority of commercial buildings use.  Many businesses trying to cut down on their energy costs, looking to leave a smaller…

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What is a Heat Pump?

April 3, 2021
what is a heat pump

A heat pump is an HVAC system that transfers heat from one place to another via air, water or geothermal sources.

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