A few months ago I moved across time zones to start working for an amazing non-profit company with a rich history here in MKE. The last few years for this company have been incredibly difficult for the staff. So many maintenance issues in our shop in particular contributed to major stress and hazardous working conditions. Naturally, we have suffered from burnout and turnover. One of the first tasks I was given was have our HVAC systems looked at to get a clearer picture of how they are functioning and to be able to anticipate and issues that may be coming down the line. I did a LOT of research, called nearly 15 companies in the area, and came across Midwest. With your great reviews, timely response, and accessible website, I presented this company to my new bosses as the best option for us moving forward. Since that moment, I have been thoroughly disappointed by the lack of organization, understanding, and care that we have received. I have not received the service I was promised, and now with my staff beginning to come back for our next season, I fear that we will continue to struggle through ongoing maintenance issues without resolve. I am not angry, I am confused and disappointed at how a company with such a great reputation in the area can let a new customer and a an organization that does so much good for young artists in this state fall through the cracks. I would love to speak with the owner of this company directly to solve this dilemma, until then, I will no longer do business with this company.”
- Pat L.

“My air conditioning was not working. I called mid west in the morning. The answering service was so nice and they scheduled me a technician to come after hours. Nick Baumann came called me ahead of his arrival and then arrived on time. He was able to identify the problem in less, explain it to me and then fix it under 10 minutes. He was very kind and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this company and 5/5 Nick B.”

- Samer A.

“My technician was Tyler Brown. We had CO2 sensors going off due to furnace issues, and Tyler diagnosed the problem quickly- Before I knew it, he ripped out the unit and had a new one installed within a few hrs.
Tyler has worked on previous HVAC updates for us in the past and each time we’ve been throughly impressed with his attention to detail, and professionalism.

Because of Tyler, we keep Midwest Heating and Cooling at the top of our list for HVAC needs. Thanks, Tyler- you rock!”

- Shaun W.

“In Fond du lac, Jesse and Cameron went above and beyond to get us a new furnace. Both are EXTREMELY organized, efficient, professional and knowledgeable. I will be referring everyone to Midwest. Sales agent Travis was top notch in getting us answers in a non sales-y approach which secure in our decision.”

- Monica M.

“Manny came out to repair our furnace and I highly recommend both him and and this company. He was very kind, did a great job, and finished very quickly. We will definitely reach out to them in the future if we have any other issues”

- Rosa F.

“We talked to Wendy who was very knowledgeable and professional and she did an excellent job setting up everything and explaining everything and was a delight to talk to! Luke and Carlos did an amazing job cleaning our ducts, very professional and did a thoughrow job with efficiency. We are very happy with their work!”

- Sharon E.

“Our experience with Manny was nothing less than exceptional. He provided service without hesitation and was very knowledgeable in his assessment of our issue.”

- Allison L.

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