Radiant Floors

Radiant Floors

Looking for additional ways to heat your Mukwonago home and optimize your level of comfort? Radiant floor heating could be the perfect solution for you. Our Midwest Heating and Cooling professionals provide all the radiant floor heating services you need to feel cozier than ever inside your home here in Wisconsin.

Radiant floor heating is a simple but efficient and quiet way to keep your home warm. Heating components are installed underneath the floor, warming up every object in the room. And because no ductwork is needed, less dust and allergens are stirred up, improving your indoor air quality (IAQ).

With radiant floor heating, you can walk barefoot on the floor without your feet getting cold or shivering. But radiant floors do even more—they offer an effective way to heat an entire area of your home without missing any section or creating cold spots.

How Radiant Floor Heating Works

There are multiple types of radiant floor heating. Two of the most common are electric and hydronic. The choice of radiant floor heating dictates which components we install underneath your floors. For example, electric radiant floor heating uses electric heating coils, and hydronic systems create heat with the help of hot water traveling through tubes.

Electric Floor Heating

Although electric floor heating is usually not the primary source of heat in a home, it is a great way to keep comfortable, especially during colder seasons. If you have an addition to your home or want to keep your bathrooms comfortably warm, adding electric floor heating could be the perfect solution as it is a viable option for supplemental heat.

Hydronic Floor Heating

If you’re interested in having radiant floor heating throughout your entire home, then hydronic flooring is the way to go. Your boiler or water heater will provide the necessary hot water, which will travel through the tubing underneath the floors and create the floor heating you need to feel comfortable throughout your home.

There are several different ways to have hydronic floors installed, and our Midwest Heating & Cooling experts would be happy to go over the best options for your home. Just reach out to us!

Additional benefits of radiant floor heating include:

  • Healthier indoor air quality (IAQ) since particles won’t be circulating in your air
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reduced heating expenses due to lower thermostat settings
  • Compatible with most floor types (wood, laminate, tile, carpet, etc.)

Radiant Floor Heating vs. Forced-Air Heating

With forced-air heating, hot air circulates and rises toward your ceiling. When you turn on your furnace, it will heat the room to a target temperature and then shut down.

This repetitive cycle is uneven. It results in the temperature rising to your set temperature, only to drop to a lower temperature before turning back on to reach your set temperature again.

Radiant floor heating works a little differently—it produces even and constant heat right from your floor. When you want efficient and consistent heat, opt for radiant floors.

Radiant Floor Heating Installation or Replacement

Ready to add radiant floor heating to the floors in your kitchen, bathroom, or your entire home? Our Midwest Heating & Cooling professionals can install the flooring you want so you can improve your level of comfort and enjoy a more energy-efficient heating option.

Already have radiant floors in your home? If they are reaching the end of their lifespan, it could be time to opt for a replacement. Our experts can remove your older radiant floor heating and install a replacement for you. Just give our heating experts a call.

Radiant Floor Heating Repairs

Experiencing cold spots in an area where you have radiant floor heating installed? Maybe your radiant floors just aren’t providing heat as efficiently as designed. Our Midwest Heating & Cooling professionals have the knowledge and expertise to get to the bottom of the situation and provide the appropriate repair so you can feel comfortable in your home again.

Once our team of professionals arrives on site, we will investigate the problem and inform you of what we can do to correct it. We won’t ever get started on a repair without going over all the details and receiving your permission. We believe in honesty and integrity—these values drive every decision we make.

Radiant Floor Heating Maintenance

The best way to avoid a repair is by opting for preventative maintenance. Our Midwest Heating & Cooling Maintenance Care Plan offers significant cost savings on scheduled visits, repairs, parts, and other services. Sign up today to start saving money while protecting your heating and cooling equipment.

Let Us Prove the Radiant Floor Services You Need

When you need high-quality radiant floor heating installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance services in your Mukwonago, WI, home, our Midwest Heating & Cooling professionals can offer assistance. We are the radiant floor heating experts and can address any of your concerns. Reach out to us today by phone at 414-209-4668 or request service online.

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