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What’s Included In A Furnace Tune-Up?


Whether you’re a Comfort Care maintenance member or are simply scheduling your regular fall furnace tune-up, it’s important to know what you can expect. The purpose of preventative maintenance is to extend the lifespan of your heating system to avoid costly repairs, high energy bills, and uneven heat distribution. There is a lot involved with a seasonal furnace tune-up and our professional technicians will always arrive with a list of items to test, adjust, clean, and inspect before the service is complete. Our heating and cooling technicians will also inform you of any parts that need to be replaced, now or in the future.

Services Performed During a Tune-Up

While this is by far a comprehensive summary of all that our 35-point furnace inspection will entail, here is a general overview of what is included.


Tests are run to check for carbon monoxide or natural gas leaks in addition to checking the airflow. All electrical wiring in the unit will be tightened and inspected for breaks, and the safety controls will be inspected to ensure efficient operation.

Mechanical Parts

Every moving part in your furnace will be looked over, lubricated, and cleaned as needed, to make sure that your furnace is ready when and where you need it.


A full heating cycle will be monitored to verify that sequences are safe and accurate, and the blower motor and inducer fan will be tested for efficiency.

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