Southeastern Wisconsin

Air Conditioner Maintenance Technicians

Complete Air Conditioner Maintenance

Unlike many heating and cooling companies that offer basic system cleaning and inspection, Midwest Heating and Cooling guarantees the results of our maintenance process, including:

● Air Delivery & Efficiency Analysis
● Complete System Cleaning
● Malfunction & Safety Checks
● Thermostat Battery Replacement

As temperatures rise in Southeastern Wisconsin, it pays to proactively check on your home’s cooling system, before the weather gets too extreme.

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A Little Maintenance Goes A Long Way

The air conditioner is arguably the most important appliance in your home. After all, when the heat and humidity soar in Southeastern Wisconsin, people count on the AC to keep their homes cool. Aside from the sheer pleasure of entering a cooled space, the air conditioning system is of vital importance to our seniors. (Pets too!)

AC systems are most reliable with regular maintenance and tune-ups. Even a minimal maintenance schedule is enough to see consistent benefits like ongoing warranty coverage, reduced energy bills, fewer repairs, longer system lifespan, etc. Ask about our new “Comfort Care” plan starting at only $15 / month!

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Free Home Sales Consultations.

Get a free in-home consultation from one of our certified technicians who can review the best options for your new AC system replacement.

Our process is simple:
● Survey your home and asses existing units
● Determine the perfect size base off your home’s square footage
● Review equipment options
● Provide education and personal service

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