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Warranties & Guarantees

Apples to Apples Price Match

Midwest Heating & Cooling will match our competitor’s prices on replacement equipment for up to 30 days after installation! Simply provide us with a quote from a competitor that meets the following criteria and we will match the cost:

  • Quote must be on competitor’s branded contract / agreement
  • Competitor must be a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer
  • Quote must be for the exact same equipment (listed on the quote)
  • Quote must include the exact same scope of work (detailed on the quote)


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you, the original purchaser, are not satisfied with your Carrier® system, Midwest Heating & Cooling will repair the problem to your satisfaction or remove the Carrier® products and refund the purchase price, subject to the Conditions and Limitations listed below. This guarantee will remain in effect for one year after the original installation date. This guarantee is non-transferable. See specific limitations below applicable to geothermal products:

  • This offer is applicable only to homeowner’s personal residence. Not applicable to any rental or commercial properties in residences which the owner is not the primary resident.
  • Amount shown in the Covered Refund Amount is the amount of the purchase price to be refunded by the dealer in the event the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is executed.
  • Homeowner is responsible for painting, patching or restoration work in the event that the Carrier system is removed.
  • Owner must provide access for the system to be removed weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • Covered Equipment Refund Amount is based on labor and material necessary for the installation of the Carrier system only. Additional items that would remain on the premises, i.e. ductwork, electrical/plumbing upgrades, registers, grills and fees, permits and finance charges are not subject to refund. Geothermal loops will not be removed. Costs for purchase, installation, or removal of the geothermal loop are not eligible for a refund.
  • Owner agrees to allow a Carrier® Customer Assurance Representative and Midwest Heating & Cooling a reasonable number of attempts and ample time for the resolution of the dissatisfaction or for the approval of the eventual removal of the system.
  • Regardless of the retention of the original system the new system will be removed free of charge if no satisfaction is reached.
  • This guarantee does not cover, and neither Midwest Heating & Cooling nor Carrier Corporation are responsible for, the cost to replace or reinstall owner’s original equipment.


24-Hour Fix Guarantee

Midwest Heating & Cooling stands by the products we install and our professional installation team. However, sometimes breakdowns can occur.

In the event you experience equipment failure any time during the duration of your labor warranty terms, Midwest Heating & Cooling guarantees to fix the equipment within 24 hours of when the issue was reported.

To prove our commitment, if, for whatever reason, we cannot fix your equipment within 24 hours, Midwest Heating & Cooling will issue you a check in the amount of $500!

Parts & Labor Warranty Options

After choosing the best products and contractor for your project, the next important consideration is protecting your newly installed equipment.

Midwest Heating & Cooling offers warranty options for you to choose from, so you can be in control and decide what is the best option for you and your unit.

10-Year Parts Warranty

  • This is a standard warranty at no charge to the client.
  • This offer is applicable only to homeowner’s personal residence. Not applicable to any rental or commercial properties in residences which the owner is not the primary resident.
  • Midwest Heating & Cooling will register the qualifying product(s) for you.
  • The cost of any parts that fail due to a mechanical malfunction are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Parts that fail due to lack of proper maintenance or negligence are not covered under this warranty.


10-Year Labor Warranty

  • Clients have the option to purchase an extended 10-year labor warranty for their equipment.
  • Labor warranties are purchased through a third-party provider, so you can be assured that it is 100% valid for the entire duration of the warranty.
  • No “In-House” Extended Labor Warranties
  • Annual maintenance of the covered equipment is required to remain in compliance with the term of the agreement.
  • Midwest Heating & Cooling will upload proof of maintenance on behalf of the client. If you have your annual maintenance performed…you worry about nothing!
  • Failure to have annual maintenance performed will result in the denial of any labor claims.


1-Year Full Warranty

  • Midwest Heating & Cooling offers a one full year warranty on all installations and services we provide.
  • If the equipment fails due to mechanical defect or installation errors, we will fix any and all issues 100% free of charge for a period of one full year after the equipment is installed.


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