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Raising the Bar

Rules & Regulations

Did you know that the State of Wisconsin doesn’t mandate formal education or licensing requirements to be a HVAC service technician or installer?

The current licensing requirements read as follows: “A person, entity or business is not required to hold a registration as a registered HVAC Contractor for the following:

  • To service existing heating, ventilating or air conditioning equipment within facilities or properties owned by the person, entity or business for electrical or plumbing work associated with the installation or servicing of HVAC equipment or systems;
  • To install or service heating, ventilating, air conditioning, or refrigeration equipment within a dwelling owned by the person, entity, or business and in which the person, entity, or business resides or will reside;
  • For electrical or plumbing work associated with the installation or servicing of the HVAC equipment or systems.”


Did you know that many of the people working in our industry today have never completed an accredited HVAC training program?

There are currently no employee oversight or regulations of an industry that:

  • Directly serves the public.
  • Is responsible to ensure operational safety of heating & cooling equipment in homes and businesses.
  • Relies on expert knowledge of constantly evolving technologies.


Midwest Heating & Cooling wants to lead the way in changing these unregulated standards of our industry.  And we are starting with ourselves!

Technicians & Training

Providing our clients with the most reliable, professional and trustworthy services is the foundation of Midwest Heating & Cooling.  To do so, we have created hiring requirement standards that ensure our team members have the knowledge and skills to serve our clients.

Midwest Heating & Cooling requires all senior level technicians:

  • Successfully complete an accredited HVAC training program.
  • Are NATE certified.
  • Are EPA licensed.


Midwest Heating & Cooling requires all team members attend & participate in:

  • Technical continuing education classes
  • Customer service seminars
  • Community outreach or service-oriented events



Organizations & Agencies


What is NATE?

NATE, or the North American Technician Excellence, is the nation’s largest organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians.  NATE is an independent, non-profit organization that certifies technicians with a knowledge-based testing system.

NATE sets the industry competency standards and becoming a NATE certified technician is an achievement that few in the industry obtain.

Midwest Heating & Cooling recognizes the hard work, dedication and determination that is required to become a NATE certified technician.  Therefore, we require all senior level technicians and installers hold active NATE certifications.

Midwest Heating & Cooling offers becoming NATE certified as part of our development and training program of junior technicians.

What is EPA?


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, offers certifications to technicians who demonstrate expert knowledge of the principals, laws and rules that are involved in handling HVAC chemicals.

Midwest Heating & Cooling understands that to protect our environment and to set best practice standards of servicing air conditioning equipment, EPA licensed technicians are necessary.

This is why all senior technicians at Midwest Heating & Cooling are required to hold current EPA licenses.

Obtaining an EPA license is another part of the training and development program at Midwest Heating & Cooling.

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