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Commercial HVAC Zoning in Milwaukee

One of the most challenging tasks in any workplace is managing the temperature. It’s even more difficult if you’re controlling the whole building with only one thermostat. In most commercial buildings, a traditional one-thermostat system cannot maintain a consistent temperature. One room is a chilly 65 degrees, while the room next door reaches temperatures in the 80s, all while the single thermostat in the building is set to 72. You can reduce frustration and increase comfort with an HVAC zoning system.

What is an HVAC zoning system and why do I need one?

Due to location, windows, equipment usage, and the number of people in each room, temperature can vary widely between different rooms and offices. It is impossible to fix these variants and achieve a consistent temperature with a one-thermostat configuration.

A zoning system allows you to individually control the temperature in different areas of your building, rather than the entire structure as a whole. The system sets up zones, controlled by multiple thermostats, without installing additional air conditioners or heating units. It is a cost-effective solution to increase comfort and save money by not heating or cooling areas that don’t need it.

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How does a zoning system work?

The zone control system works by using computers to control motorized dampers in your ductwork that open and close to direct the flow of air to the zones that require heating or cooling. The dampers are placed to create zones within your building, and each zone is equipped with its own thermostat. If you want to change the temperature in one of your zones, the computer adjusts the amount that damper is open or closed. This allows you to fully control the flow of conditioned air throughout your building and helps to save energy and reduce utility costs.

Small structures can add a second zone, or large spaces can add as many zones as necessary, so the system can be fully customized to suit your specific needs.

Benefits of a zoning system

  • Zone controls are compatible with any existing HVAC system or thermostat.
  • The ability to heat and cool only the areas that need it.
  • Energy savings and reduce utility bills through increased system efficiency.
  • Increased comfort and convenience with an automated system.

Comfortable employees are productive employees, so let the Milwaukee-based professionals at Midwest Heating & Cooling help you keep your entire staff happy (and improve your bottom line) with commercial HVAC zoning. If you’re tired of the constant battle over one thermostat, contact us today to learn how we can help maximize your commercial HVAC system’s efficiency.

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