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Midwest Heating & Cooling: An HVAC Tale

Honesty. Integrity. Reliability.

Midwest Heating & Cooling was founded by Brad Spaugh and Leslie Owens in Waterford, Wisconsin. Brad and Leslie have over 15 years of experience in the heating & cooling industry.  Throughout their time in the HVAC industry, the founders had the honor and privilege of working with some of the nation’s top HVAC companies, coaches, and trainers.  After teaming up six years ago, Brad and Leslie decided to take the plunge, and Midwest Heating & Cooling was born.

It is through these experiences that they envisioned a company that would actually fulfill what other companies promise but rarely deliver: providing professional, affordable, and trusted HVAC solutions and services for your home and business.

Our mission is to set the standards of reliability, professionalism and 100% customer satisfaction. For service today, call 414-704-0129.

Our Story

About the Founders

Committed to Excellence in Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Brad Spaugh is truly an industry expert,  beginning his career in heating and cooling when he was just 19 years old! Throughout his career, he has served as a Service Technician, Installation Professional, Department Manager, General Manager, and Director of Training & Development with highly reputable HVAC companies in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Brad has dedicated his career to continuously improving the quality of services provided to clients. He knows that in order to best serve our clients, it is critical that we continuously educate ourselves on the newest heating and cooling technologies available.In addition, Brad personally works and trains with all our HVAC team members to ensure that our clients have the best customer experience possible!

Leslie Owens is a recognized industry asset. She has served as a Customer Service Specialist, Office Manager, and Operations Manager of some of the most reputable service providers and manufacturers in southeast Wisconsin.

She is an expert at building customer service teams and establishing processes that focus on streamlining operating practices. Throughout her career, Leslie has proven that the more efficient a company operates, the more beneficial it is to the client. She knows clients deserve the best service from start to finish and designs processes with that goal in mind!

Developing and implementing simple, hassle-free, and transparent operating practices have been the cornerstone of Leslie’s achievements in the HVAC industry.

Our Milwaukee Community Goals

It is essential to Brad and Leslie that Midwest Heating & Cooling is not only the best HVAC service provider in SE Wisconsin, but that they also become a part of their communities and actively participate in community events and outreach programs.  Midwest Heating & Cooling is about building teams, family, friends, and community.

Our goal is to become the company you trust with your business or home and the place you want to work!

Just like Hilton Hilary “Zig” Ziglar always said, “You will always get what you want out of life if you help as many others as you can get what they want out of life.”

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