A few months ago I moved across time zones to start working for an amazing non-profit company with a rich history here in MKE. The last few years for this company have been incredibly difficult for the staff. So many maintenance issues in our shop in particular contributed to major stress and hazardous working conditions. Naturally, we have suffered from burnout and turnover. One of the first tasks I was given was have our HVAC systems looked at to get a clearer picture of how they are functioning and to be able to anticipate and issues that may be coming down the line. I did a LOT of research, called nearly 15 companies in the area, and came across Midwest. With your great reviews, timely response, and accessible website, I presented this company to my new bosses as the best option for us moving forward. Since that moment, I have been thoroughly disappointed by the lack of organization, understanding, and care that we have received. I have not received the service I was promised, and now with my staff beginning to come back for our next season, I fear that we will continue to struggle through ongoing maintenance issues without resolve. I am not angry, I am confused and disappointed at how a company with such a great reputation in the area can let a new customer and a an organization that does so much good for young artists in this state fall through the cracks. I would love to speak with the owner of this company directly to solve this dilemma, until then, I will no longer do business with this company.”

– Pat L.