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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Strange Noises?


Are you hearing an odd noise from your cooling system? Wondering what the sound means, and what to do about it? Midwest Heating & Cooling is here to help you figure out what your cooling equipment is trying to tell you!

Unusual Air Conditioner Noises & What to Do About Them

  • Grinding noises. The jarring sound of metal rubbing up against metal is a bad sign in pretty much any mechanical system, and your AC unit is no different. In most cases, this will be a moving component that has become damaged or loosened. This is a fairly serious issue, as a damaged part can bang around and do serious harm to your cooling system. We recommend scheduling AC repair as soon as possible!
  • Rattling or tapping noises. Rapid rattling or tapping will, in most cases, be a bit of debris that has gotten caught up in one of the fan assemblies in your air conditioning system. This can happen to the indoor fan (which in most central forced-air systems is located in the furnace compartment), or to the outdoor unit in the large fan located on the compressor in the outdoor unit. Much of the time, simply shutting off the AC and removing the debris will solve the issue, unless the fan has been damaged.
  • Bubbling or hissing noises. Hissing sounds always mean a release of pressure, which in your AC system typically means a leak in the refrigerant line. If you do detect a refrigerant leak, it is important to shut off your cooling system to avoid a freeze-up, which commonly happens when an AC system operates without adequate refrigerant.
  • Humming or buzzing sounds. You may be familiar with buzzing sounds from a poorly grounded electrical appliance or from electrical overloading. Unfortunately, this is likely what you hear if the sound is near your cooling system, too. Swift repair is recommended, as electrical problems can be pretty dangerous if ignored.
  • High-pitched squeaking or squealing. The fan assembly that a cooling system uses will have either one or many belts to facilitate movement. When these belts begin to wear down, they can produce an ear-splitting noise. The bad news is you will probably need to call for AC repair. The good news is that most of the time, this is a very quick and cost-friendly fix.
  • Rapid clicking noises. You may be familiar with this sound when your cooling system is cycling on or off—more typically when cycling on. This is normal if you only hear it for a few moments; less so if the sound continues for minutes at a time or continues during the entire cycle. In this case, you are likely dealing with another electrical issue: a thermostat wearing down or system control.

Call Midwest Heating & Cooling for AC Repair in Milwaukee, WI

If you’re dealing with a noisy air conditioning system and you’re not sure where to turn, turn to the experts at Midwest! Our certified AC repair teams are prompt, professional, and dedicated to providing you with the utmost in care. We strive to be the cost-effective and honest HVAC technicians you can trust, so give us a call, and we will set things right in no time.

Contact us online any time to schedule AC repair, or give us a call at (414) 704-0129!

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