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Scheduling an HVAC Inspection


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If you spend any amount of time on an HVAC company’s blog or news sections, you’ll have noticed all of the hype surrounding routine HVAC maintenance. Why all the buzz? What is HVAC maintenance, and what sorts of perks does the service provide? Follow along to learn what it is you’ve been missing out on.

What to Expect During the Service

A routine heating maintenance service is designed to address the general wear and tear your system accumulates throughout the season. Dust clogs, loose connections, component wear—these minor issues pile up fast, robbing your system of its efficiency and often leading to an unnecessary AC or furnace breakdown.

When you call for service, you can expect your technician to do the following:

  • Thorough system cleaning to improve airflow and maximize system efficacy
  • Lubrication for moving components to moderate friction and increase parts lifespans
  • Electrical connection checks for both safety and HVAC system reliability
  • Complete parts inspections to diagnose overall system performance and to ensure no parts need to be replaced or repaired
  • Thermostat checks, and calibrations if needed, so that input is effective and readings are accurate
  • Condensate and exhaust inspections and cleaning

Typical service visits also include any unique services that your heating or cooling equipment may require. This might include servicing the reversing valve on a heat pump or checking the AC condenser and compressor of your exterior central air conditioning unit.

What Benefits to Expect from HVAC Inspections

Inspections can very much be thought of similarly to a car tune-up, or even a checkup with your healthcare provider. It’s all about prevention, care, and getting a finger on the pulse of your system’s condition overall. With adequate care and consistent service from trained professionals, you can expect some pretty huge advantages, including:

  • Lower heating and cooling costs on average
  • More even and thorough heating and cooling throughout the home
  • A longer-lived HVAC system—routine service effectively doubles the life of your system!
  • A substantially lower risk of repairs
  • Less costly repairs in the event of a breakdown
  • Better indoor air quality

Ready to enjoy the benefits of routine HVAC maintenance and inspections? Contact Midwest Heating & Cooling online to find out how! 

Add Value with a Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plan!

As is the case with any other form of cleaning, care, or maintenance, HVAC inspections provide optimal benefits when sought on a routine basis. But don’t let the consistency fool you into thinking you lose out by having to schedule service annually. HVAC companies love the return business that maintenance programs offer, and often treat them as a great way to spread some love by offering incentives and exclusive perks.

Our own Midwest maintenance programs provide huge value with our member benefits, including these:

  • Priority scheduling for HVAC inspections and repair
  • 24/7 emergency services, including weekends and holidays!
  • 25% off parts, 10% off service calls, 5% off installations for as long as you are a member
  • No overtime or emergency rates
  • Two HVAC inspections a year—one in the summer for AC, one in the fall for heating

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For years Midwest Heating & Cooling has been raising the bar on quality residential heating and cooling services. Not only are we proud to provide superior HVAC maintenance services, but we make getting great service easy! We offer customizable tiers for our maintenance plans, frequent promotions for even more savings, and our financing options are top class.

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