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January Home Maintenance Checklist


January in Waterford, WI can be cold and dismal, but it can also be a great time for a fresh start. Throughout the winter, we tend to spend the majority of our time indoors, so why not use that time to refresh your home? Make the most of the month by performing necessary maintenance, removing clutter, and planning for the year ahead. Our January home maintenance checklist will help you get started:

Protecting Your Pipes

In the winter, pipes have a tendency to freeze and potentially burst, leading to some costly repairs. If you’re spending frequent time away from home, ask someone–a neighbor, friend, or family member–to turn your water on slightly. You should also familiarize yourself with the location of your water shut-off valves. In the event of a burst pipe, you’ll be able to quickly turn off the water, reducing the amount of damage.

Snowy Branches

While the trees might look picturesque with snow on their branches, they also pose a danger to your home. Large amounts of snow built up on tree limbs can cause them to break off–and if they’re close to your home, it can damage your roof, siding, or other part of your home. Using a long-handled broom or rake, gently knock the excess snow from the branches after a winter storm.

Detection Perfection

With the increased use of furnaces, heaters, and fireplaces in winter, it’s important that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order. After all, heating is the second leading cause of U.S. home fires, deaths, and injuries according to the National Fire Protection Association. Use the test button on each device, and change the batteries as needed. You can learn more about protecting against home fires here.

Clear the Clutter

Start fresh in the new year by decluttering your closets, attics, or rooms. If it seems too overwhelming, you should focus on one space at a time or one category. For instance, make it a goal to to go through all your clothes or books; donate old items to your local Goodwill or other charity.

Spruce Up Plants

If your home is dry in the winter, which happens with the increased amount of heat, you may need to add some humidity to the air around plants, particularly ferns and citrus plants. A humidifier is the perfect way to give your plants some additional moisture and life. Check out our promotions for discounts on whole-home humidifiers.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

January is the perfect time to go through your pantry, to discard expired or stale food. While you’re doing that, it’s the perfect time to do a deep clean of your kitchen (including the kitchen sink).

Hibernation Season

With winter upon us, it’s normal to spend extra time indoors, unwinding and resting. Cozy up on the couch with a good book or movie and enjoy a hot beverage as you relax in the warmth of indoors.

Looking Ahead

If you’ve been thinking of doing any big projects in your home, like remodeling the kitchen or upgrading your existing furnace or air conditioner, January is the time to solidify your ideas. You can take your time choosing a contractor and researching designs or styles that work best for you.

Midwest Heating & Cooling has all the tips you need to make the most of the winter months. January is the perfect time to perform some good, old-fashioned maintenance, including furnace maintenance. Our team of professional HVAC technicians are here for you every step of the way, contact us today!

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