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7 DIY Furnace Troubleshooting Tips


As a main component of your home comfort and warmth this winter, it’s crucial that your heating system is in perfect working order. Furnaces require regular maintenance in order to retain efficiency as well as consistent upkeep by you. However, even with proper maintenance, unexpected breakdowns can occur as parts wear out. If you’re experiencing an issue with your furnace, try these DIY troubleshooting tips, before you call in our Midwest pros.

Thermostat Mishap

Now this may seem like an obvious step, but you’d be surprised how often this is the source of your heating woes. First thing you should always do is to check your thermostat batteries, which should typically be changed once a year. Other obvious steps you can try is to check that the “heat” setting is on and to test it by setting the temperature at least 5 degrees above room temperature.

There are also some lesser known steps you can try. Occasionally, dust and debris can find their way into your thermostat. You should open the thermostat and gently blow away any debris, to ensure there is nothing clogging it. Finally, for electronic and programmable models, verify that the date and time is accurate, since it could be affecting the system timer settings.

Dirty Filter, Faulty Furnace

Another common problem people face is a furnace that appears to be running, but doesn’t seem to be producing any heat. If this is the case with your furnace, you should check your filter for any clogging, which prevents even airflow throughout your home. If your filter is dirty, you should change it immediately, which will have the added benefit of improving your overall indoor air quality.

Secure and Sure

Checking the safety switch on your furnace door is another great step on your way to troubleshooting your furnace. A furnace door safety switch prevents the fan and burner from operating when the access panel is removed or improperly secured. In order for the furnace to heat your home, the door must be locked in place.

Compromised Power

Assuming that both your thermostat, furnace filter, and furnace door are fine, power, or lack of power, could be the problem. Though this will again seem obvious, you should always check the furnace switch near your unit in case someone accidentally hit the switch. You should also check your breakers to make sure that the one controlling your HVAC system wasn’t tripped.

Clear as a Bell

There are times that your furnace will be running perfectly, yet the rooms of your home won’t be warm due to limited airflow. We always recommend inspecting all your return and supply vents to make sure they are fully opened and unobstructed. Occasionally, a rug or piece of furniture that is too close to a vent can also restrict the airflow to a room.

Little Flame Burning Bright…Or Is It?

On a natural gas furnace, there will be a furnace flame, which should always be a healthy blue color. While a blue flame indicates that you furnace is functioning properly, all other colors indicate an issue. If the flame is any other color than blue, you should contact our professional technicians at Midwest Heating & Cooling. You should never attempt to fix a furnace flame issue on your own.

When the Light Goes Out

Gas furnaces can operate using a pilot light or electronic controls, which eliminates the need for a pilot light. With either situation, there are some things you should check if you are having issues.

If you have a pilot light and it goes out, you will need to relight it right away. This is something that can be done on your own, but always be careful to avoid accidents. It’s also extremely important that your turn off the gas for at least fifteen minutes before relighting the pilot. If you still smell gas after that waiting period don’t relight the pilot, you may have a gas leak! You should immediately evacuate and contact your Gas Company and Fire Department.

If you have an electric control and are having issues with your furnace, you may have a faulty ignition system. If this is the case, you can try manually turning the furnace off and on to reset the ignition. If that doesn’t work, you should turn off the heating element to check for cracks or damage. If you continue to have issues, you should schedule a furnace repair to solve the issue.

We hope that these easy troubleshooting tips have solved your furnace problem, but if not, give our professional technicians at Midwest Heating & Cooling a call. We provide quality furnace repair services in Franksville that you can trust, at an affordable price!

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