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10 Memorable Thanksgiving Traditions to Try


Just like most people, our team at Midwest Heating & Cooling has their own Thanksgiving customs and traditions. While Thanksgiving Day doesn’t always give you the chance to incorporate new traditions, sometimes unexpected events come up that require changes, maybe you’re not able to make it home for the day, maybe you happen to be on vacation, or maybe you have your own family and want to start some customs of your own. So what’s the best way to make your day memorable for you and your family? We’ve racked our brain and come up with ten traditions worth trying this year.

Take Some Time for Yourself

Thanksgiving Day can be a wonderful time, full of love and family, but it can also be exhausting and overwhelming. Taking a little time for yourself during the day, whether it’s to enjoy a cup of coffee or relax with a good book or your favorite TV show, can ensure that you enjoy the day to the fullest and avoid some of the stress.

Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed

Holidays can be a difficult time when some family members or friends are no longer around. Honoring their memory by sharing stories and celebrating their life is a great way to appreciate your time with family members who are still with you.

Use a Write-On Tablecloth to Share What You’re Thankful for

While it’s common practice for most families to share what they’re thankful for, we think that a unique way to do that this year is to get a write-on tablecloth. That way, family members and friends can share what they’re grateful for and you can save the memories for years to come.

Start the Day with a Big Breakfast

It may not seem like the best idea when you know you’ll be eating such a large dinner, but indulging yourself for the holiday is a great way to start your day. It’s also the perfect time to gather a smaller group together for a more relaxed, informal meal.

Actually Have Dinner at Dinner Time

Many people will eat the Thanksgiving meal in the early afternoon, but why not actually eat at dinner time? It will make the morning seem more peaceful and the afternoon much more gratifying.

Let Everyone Make a Toast

Another great twist on the giving thanks tradition, is to have people make a festive toast. Everyone can raise their glass to the holidays, your family, and your friends.

Put Your Kids in Charge of Part of the Meal

Your whole family can get involved in the meal this year, by assigning various plates to your kids or extended family members, like desserts or sides. That puts less stress on one person making the whole meal—and gives you the chance for more quality time!

Take a Long Walk after Dinner

Let’s face it, Thanksgiving dinner can be more than filling, so why not take the time to go on a long walk? You can enjoy the fresh air and work off some the calories from your meal, leaving room for dessert!

Stay Connected with Long-Distance Family Members

Even if you can’t physically be with your loved ones for Thanksgiving, you can still celebrate together from a distance. You can call them on video chat or Facetime family members so you can all spend part of the day together, just virtually.

Remember to Treat Yourself

Thanksgiving Day is all about large meals and savory food so why not indulge yourself? Have that extra piece pie or that third helping, but make sure you don’t overdo it. And remember, no one diets on Thanksgiving!

Whether you incorporate one or none of these traditions, it’s an important reminder to try new things. When the Thanksgiving meal is done, don’t forget to schedule your Eagle furnace maintenanceContact the professional technicians at Midwest Heating & Cooling today!

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