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10 Most Common Heating Repairs


A furnace is an integral part of your home, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. With so many different components in the unit, it’s key to properly maintain them all to ensure proper efficiency and function. Midwest Heating & Cooling always works to provide quality furnace repairs at an affordable cost, and you can trust that the job will be done right the first time. And now, here are the top ten most common heating repairs, you’re likely to experience:


Our Price: $75-$350 Competitor’s Price: $250-$900

A malfunctioning thermostat can cause many problems in the rest of your home, including issues with the furnace fan. A broken thermostat will greatly affect the comfort level of your home and can lead to uneven or lack of heat.

Furnace Filter

Our Price: $25-$125 Competitor’s Price: $65-$250

A clogged or dirty filter will limit the air that circulates throughout the home. A variety of factors can lead to a dirty filter including an incorrect filter size, pets in the home, or increased amounts of pollen and other allergens.


Our Price: $125-$250 Competitor’s Price: $250-$500

A broken or dirty thermocouple prevents gas from reaching your furnace and results in a no heat situation. Thermocouples are not designed to last as long as the furnaces they are placed in, which is why it’s important to perform regular furnace maintenance to detect when a thermocouple is on its last legs.

Flame Sensor

Our Price: $85-$225 Competitor’s Price: $225-$600

The sole purpose of a flame sensor is to detect whether or not a flame is present. If the flame sensor is faulty or dirty, it will be unable to detect the flame and the furnace will be unable to operate properly.

Limit Switch

Our Price: $125-$350 Competitor’s Price: $350-$785

Another common issue is a broken limit switch, which can cause continuous operation of the blower motor, leading to unnecessary wear and tear. It can also lead to an overheated blower motor, which causes the furnace to turn off and makes a furnace repair necessary.

Furnace Igniter or Pilot Light

Our Price: $125-$300 Competitor’s Price: $250-$600

In a gas heater, a pilot light allows the furnace to provide heat throughout the home. In other types of heating systems, a furnace igniter functions the same. If either should go out or malfunction, heat will cease to flow throughout the home.

Gas Valve

Our Price: $289-$600 Competitor’s Price: $450-$900

There are essentially two gas valves in a furnace, one that functions as the safety valve, which supplies gas to the pilot light, and the main valve, which allows gas to flow to the burners trays. As the thermostat calls for heat, the furnace gas valves will open and close. The process maintains the temperature in the home; any issues that occur with the gas valves cause a no heat situation.

Draft Inducer Motor

Our Price:$485-$750 Competitor’s Price: $600-$1,300

A draft  inducer motor removes gases from the heat exchanger that remain in the area from the furnace’s previous heating cycle. It clears the air and prevents the furnace from becoming clogged with soot. If the inducer motor is damaged or broken, it will compromise the overall air quality and efficiency of the furnace.

Heat Exchanger

Our Price: $1,000-$3,000 Competitor’s Price: $1,800-$2,500

A furnace heat exchanger works by transferring the heat from the combustion chamber to the exterior of the furnace, where it is then moved through the ductwork of the house. If the heat exchanger malfunctions, it could be disastrous as dangerous gases mix with the air, which is why it’s important to maintain the heat exchanger.

Blower motor

Our Price: $350-$600 Competitor’s Price: $450-$900

A blower motor in the furnace takes the heated air created in the furnace and circulates it throughout the home to reach the temperature set by the thermostat. Without a functioning blower motor, there will be uneven heating and sometimes no heat at all.

If you are experiencing issues with any of your furnace components, it’s important to call the professionals right away. Waiting can lead to more expensive furnace repairs in the long-term and life-threatening no heat situations. Contact our team at Midwest Heating & Cooling for all your furnace repairs and maintenance at an affordable cost!

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